What Is Kin Co?

Kin Co. is an Authentically Native Owned Brands that works with designs and patterns from the people. Which people? The Native people, who have endured a Genocide to preserve the culture.
Kin Co. serves as an alternative to cultural appropriation that has affected the Native Community for decades.
Kin Co. stems from a desire for real representation and true Native made goods.

Why Kin Co?

Kin Co. allow us to develop a way to support current, young, and upcoming artists and give back to our community.
This also allows us to bring more honest Native representation to not only our community but to the world.

Who Is Kin Co?

100 % Native Owned and Founded.
Our mission is to provide high-quality, Native-designed products that consumers can use, gift, and find joy in daily, while also supporting the Native community and fighting cultural appropriation.